7 Ways to Dress-up Your Shirts

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Are you caught up a fashion predicament? Do you feel like you cannot leave just because there are only plain t-shirts in your closet? Then you should think about something different. Unlike the cheaply retailed, plain t-shirts you’ll usually find, printed t-shirts are more appealing when mixed and with different pieces of clothing. With just a bit of creativity and some fixing, you can look trendier than the conventional use of your jeans and sneakers. Here is a list of the chic suggestions that you can try for a change. For more suggestion about men’s t-shirts Australia, click here.

For a sporty flavor (for both men and women), wear your printed tee underneath a hooded sweatshirt. Do not zip it up to the chin. Leave it unzipped in the middle of your chest to allow a bit of you tee’s print to show. Match your top with a pantsuit or jeans and a pair of nice sneakers.

For a semi-casual look (for men), wear your printed t-shirt underneath a printed or checkered short-sleeved polo shirt. Leave all the buttons undone to completely show the print on your shirt. This style is also a great match to a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. See more description about 7 ways to dress-up your shirts, visit this site.

For a semi-casual get-up (women), dress-up take your casual denim short pants over your printed t-shirt. To give an added zest, you can put on a matching leather belt on your waist. A pair of high-heeled sandals or sneakers would both be great match with the leather belt. You can tie a scarf around your waist in place of a belt, in case you want to be a little more girly. If you are choosing the scarf as belt, a pair of cardigans would complement it better than either the sandals or sneakers.

For a smart, casual taste (for men), pair your printed t-shirt with a pair jeans or casual pants with a pair of penny loafers or camp mocs. You can leave tee but un-tucked but to ensure the smart dress-up, top your shirt with a single-button suit blazer. Also leave the buttons unfastened to keep it casual but hip.

For a smart, casual zest (for women), match your printed tee with a pair of cropped or cuffed pair of pants and high-heeled sandals. If your tee is a loose fit, just wear your cropped blazer over your tee and leave all the buttons unfastened.

For a smart, semi-formal style (for men), you can wear your printed t-shirt over a pair of casual chinos or pants. Just leave your tee un-tucked but wear it underneath a one-button suit blazer. Also do not forget to match your attire with either a pair of loafers or some other type of shoe

For a smart, semi-formal taste (for women), you can wear pleated skirts with a leather belt over your printed tee. Then match it with a pair of flats and schoolboy blazer to add a more modish twist.

These dressing suggestions are are all designed around the idea that you are using a printed tee as the focal piece of your fashion statement. Since dissimilar from the plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts mix well with the other clothing pieces mentioned. So don’t just sit there reading, go get to mixing and see what you can come up with!