Ask Her To Marry You In The Most Original Manner

Being in love does not mean only the idea of being with somebody. But at the same time love means appreciation, support and happy moments together. In case you are decided that you have the most special person near you for sure you may also think about the possibility to go to the next level. In fact, with a little bit of help you can consider engagement parties that for sure will make her feel more special and ready to say yes for the wedding. Here are some steps you can include when asking her to marry you.

A surprise party

First of all you have to consider the circumstances in which you want to ask her the big question in order to have time to organize everything. There are many people who think of different possibilities in order to have an original result for their future brides. You can ask her one day about parties or in case you know here quite well you would know exactly what she dreams or what she likes. Maybe you had the luck to talk in the past about her ideal engagement party. Starting with all these ideas you can choose the best for you and her. Maybe she would like a party where you can ask her to marry you with all friends and family around, or she is a person who simply loves your special moments together. For sure she will appreciate any other idea you may have in your mind.

The next trick is to consider the right engagement rings in Melbourne from Therefore, you can consider some of the best touches for an ideal ring. There are even professionals who tend to include the best custom engagement rings for people who think about choosing a more original option. Again you can think about her and the details she likes. Maybe she likes flowers so you can include a flower style for the engagement ring. You can choose to create any other style of it, or you can purchase a simple ring.This is the central part of the story. So remember to take into account all the details, such as the size of the ring or the different styles you can consider, in order to make sure that your future fiancée will love the special ring from the very beginning.

Remember to ask for help in case you want to organize a whole even regarding the engagement or whether you would like to make a party. For sure there will be a couple of friends that will like to be a part of this special moment of your life.

Therefore, once you have the wanted perfect marraige rings in Melbourne , and you have set everything you just have to take the courage to ask her whether she will marry you or not. In case you include a beautiful party for sure, she will say yes, and you will be able to celebrate with the loved ones a special moment in your life.

Buying The Safest Sunglasses Possible

Finding the right pair of sunglasses is about more than just looking for the pair that makes you look like an action hero, they should be about protecting your eyes and helping you to navigate the world safely. The average pair of sunglasses may do just fine for shading your eyes and making them a bit more comfortable but are they giving you full protection? You need to be looking for more than whether or not you’re looking at womens or mens sunglasses online from petroleyewear , you need to see if they have the properties and features that will keep you safe and healthy. The sun is dangerous. It’s a fact that many of us grew up unaware of, but direct exposure to the sun has been shown to be dangerous, causing eye damage, skin cancer and more. That’s why you should put on sunscreen and buy glasses that have proper UV protection. Don’t just assume the glasses have this feature, check the package and read the fine print because you want glasses that filter out 99% of UV rays if you want to feel safe wearing them.

Have you ever been blinded by glare before? It happens to everyone, an unexpected ray of light shines directly in your eyes and you suddenly can’t quite see the world around you. Most of the time these incidents go by without any problems but what if one catches you at just the wrong second and causes you to get in an accident? This is an especially big problem if you spend a lot of time on the water or in the snow because both substances are highly reflective, which leads to the problem known as “snow blindness.” You might think that regular sunglasses could protect you but this isn’t the case, you need polarised sunglasses for men or women to make sure that your vision is properly protected from glare and that you always have a clear vision of the world around you.

If you need a prescription then buy prescription sunglasses. Some people think that because they may not be using their mens aviator sunglasses when driving or doing work they don’t need to have prescription strength lenses but this can be a dangerous bet. Wearing glasses that don’t allow you to see as well as you could is a risky move, because you never know what life will throw at you. You might be relaxing on the beach one moment but then the next you you might see think you see someone in the distance struggling to stay afloat. If you are the only one around and you can’t trust your vision what do you do?

You might think that the many different pairs of sunglasses in stores are mainly separated by style, tint and brand but that’s far from the case. You want to look for things like photochromic lenses for goggles for night driving, extra-solid lenses for sports and any other feature you can find that will allow the glasses to provide you with the highest level of safety and protection possible.

Choosing The Right Clothes For Any Occasion

It’s important to dress for the occasion. Before you choose your outfit for the day you need to take a moment to think about what you’re going to be doing after you leave the house. You should be putting on a different outfit when you go out running than you would if you were going out to a funeral, we understand those big distinctions. But what about the more subtle occasions where It can be hard to know what to wear? In this article we will look at some of the ways you can decide on the perfect outfit for just about any event.

Consider the type of event it is and if there are any obligations or expectations. The prime examples are going to work or being invited to a fancy party. In these cases you will usually be informed of the dress code and you can make sure that you are get party or business costumes that complies with it in Sydney. Things are a little trickier when the expectations are written, those of the occasions when you need to think about how you’re going to fit in. If you’re ever in doubt about of a specific type of event feel free to ask what you should wear.

Plan for the sort of things you will be doing while you are wearing your. Were going to be focusing on style in this article but it’s also important to think about the function of your clothes. There’s a reason why you don’t wear yourcorporate dress in Sydney when you are working out, clothes that are designed to be worn around the office aren’t designed for Sweat and heavy activity. Similarly, heavy close that our great for Standing around when it’s cold outside might not be right if you’re going to be doing intense physical activity, even if it’s cold you still might overheat.

Think about the impression that you want to have on other people. The close that you wear send a message, whether or not you think they do. You can leave things at the chance and let people think what they will or you can take the time to figure out the right clothes to send the message you want people to receive and they look at you when your outfit. When you go out running you can do it in close that are full of holes and stained with sweat, but you will be telling everyone that you are sloppy guy who doesn’t care about the way he looks. If you go out wearing stylish, quality sportswear then you look more like a person who knows what he’s doing.

One of the big keys to dressing correctly for any event is giving yourself the time to get the right outfit together. Too many guys wait to the last minute to throw something together, only to realize they have overlooked an important concern or that they don’t have the clothes that they needed. Don’t let this happen to you, if you know an event is coming up start thinking about what you wear now so you can go out and buy something if you decide you need it.

Becoming An Image Consultant

There are different sorts of professions that people can engage in. These professions are broad and have their own specializations. The job of an image consultancy has different specializations, but the career as a whole is interested in molding the appearance, behavior and communication skills of a person. Consultants can specialize in clothing, public speaking, code of conduct in different environments and social etiquette as a whole, see this awesome personal fashion stylist. A wide number of these consultants work as self-employed hence they have to spend a great deal of time marketing themselves. There are those employed in bridal shops and consultancy firms as well. For those employed, it is their bosses that engage in finding clients but as for the self-employed lot, they do both tasks, finding new clients and offering consultancy.

People working under this formality undergo training to sharpen their skills, for those with talents in the field and also introduce the newbies to the career. After training, there might be certifications requirements depending on one’s local authorities. Anyone can qualify to train as an image consultant after completing the training in the relevant fields, usually science and art degree in image consulting. An expert who has been under training possess many skills and knowledge far beyond any particular specialty, such as fashion, makeup, styling of hair, jewellery and clothing among others. Their knowledge covers a broad aspect of different kinds that are very essential for image management. They also possess knowledge on roles, social environment, industry and hierarchy in which clients conduct their business in.

From the above description of these types of consultants, it is clear that there areas of specialty require more knowledge and formal training. For that matter they can be described as professionals who offer services to clients, working as counsellors to make evaluations, improvements, upgrades, enhancements and updates for presentation. They specialize in offering counselling to individuals and as well as clients from organizations or corporates on the elements of body language and presentation, clothing, communication and social relations. These descriptions fit their needs in planning of wedding and preparing the groom and the bride for the wedding event. It is the desire of every bride to look presentable and well groomed. Hence consultants can help a lot in selection of the right wedding makeup for the bride and groom. You can see this bridal makeup artist in Melbourne for more information and for all inquiries.

When a consultant offers counsel to the bride and groom during a wedding, they can as well be described as a style consultant, since basically what they do is preparing their clients in all aspects of clothing, design, self-presentation and communication for the occasion.

Those people who have worked before as cabin crew, trainers, psychologists, therapists have an added advantage when they train as consultants. This is because these people already have experience in handling people of different types. They have the expertise in service delivery, exposure and understanding of the different elements of image management, due to travelling and networking with people from different levels. This does not however mean that any other person does not qualify to work in image consultancy. People who have interest in the key sectors of image management and consultancy have the potential to become consultants.

A General Guide To Buying Platform Shoes

It is arguably uncommon for any woman to hate the idea of shopping. Women are known to be heavy shoppers when they have all the resources are at their disposal. In particular, they have an affinity for personal care products such as designer clothes and Sophisticated platform sandals .The reason for this behaviour is that all of them have the need of standing out as glamorous and sophisticated, and which is the best way of achieving this than the personal care product? As such the purchases they made is based on the current fashion trend and style. 

It is common knowledge that fashion and style will always be changing. This change has been seen in the footwear industry where there are many designs of shoes that a lady can choose from be it the high heels or the ballet flats. However, in the recent years the women footwear fashion trend has been based on different designs of platform shoes Australia which make women to look classy and elegant for any occasion either official or social. In choosing the type of shoes that a lady prefers, it is very easy to decide on the ideal decide, but when thinking of the shoes capacity to satisfy the wearer the purchasing process becomes hectic. This requires a well thought off decision which may be arrived by following the guide below; 

An ideal pair of shoes; an ideal pair of shoes is that which is purchased due to its level of comfort and not style. To arrive at what comfort really means for a wearer, an evaluation should be done to ascertain the occasion that the shoe is suitable for. If the buyer for instance realises that the occasion will be filled with a lot of moving up and down the sensible invested is a regular footwear that is lower, light and comfortable, but if he realises that there will be minimal movement like that of a fancy party she may opt for a narrow stiletto high heel shoes that will add a plus to her look.

Shoe size; when one is to buy a pair of shoes she should have an idea of what is her shoe size. This is crucial as one will not be bent on using guess work when asked about her shoe size. As a person grows, so does her foot size, hence it is important for a buyer to get her feet regularly measured for her own convenience. If one isn’t sure of the shoe size a measurement should be taken before buying the shoes.

Focus on the fit; when a lady gets wedge sandals that are of the right size, this should not prove of comfort. Another factor should be considered beside the size, this is the fit. To get the right fit the buyer should try on the shoes on both the feet. Some people due assume that when one shoe fits on one’s feet it goes without saying that the other will also fit. What such people do not know is that people may have different foot sizes.

Factors To Consider When Buying Dental And Pharmacy Scrubs

The surgical, dental, medical, pharmacy or even clinical uniforms are an integral part of people’s daily lives.  The interesting thing is that very few people actually are awake to this fact. These uniforms are worn by both medical and healthcare practitioners and they serve several purposes. For instance they help to ensure that the care giver does not get dirty or stained, they help to ensure that there is no transfer of harmful germs and that contamination is prevented. The dental uniforms such as the dental uniforms help to create a sense of teamwork and belonging. These uniforms are designed in various forms and styles to make them ideal for use in the different settings.  As a result they vary in terms of functionality, design and style. It is therefore important for a person to know what to look for when buying such uniforms. The following are just some of the factors worth considering.

It is a well known fact that when a person looks good they feel good. When a person feels good it impacts their self image, confidence, attitude and it boosts the person’s morale as well. Choosing the right dental and pharmacy uniforms is therefore a very important thing to do. The first thing that a person would have to consider is the purpose for which the uniform is being bought.  This to a great extent will be influenced by the profession of the person for whom the uniform is being bought. For instance dentists and surgeons would require uniforms that are less restrictive to enable them get the right services. A care giver such as a pharmacist on the other hand would do ok with a more restrictive uniform.

Other than the functionality, a person has to consider the size of the wearer. It would be quite inappropriate and uncomfortable if uniform is of the wrong size. For instance if a person goes to buy dentist uniforms, and they ended up buying the wrong size, the person wearing would have a troublesome time. If the uniform is small, it will definitely restrict the dental caregiver and give them a hard time. On the other hand if the dressing is big, it would definitely hang loosely and would keep getting in the way of the dentist. It is therefore important to ensure that the uniform which one buys does indeed fit the body of the wearer. As such a person should appreciate that people have different body sizes. An ideal and effective method to assure this is by simply taking the measurements of the wearers before making the purchase.
These uniforms are work wear. Since the person will be wearing the uniform most of the time that they are at work, it is important to consider the comfortability of the clothing.  For instance dental jackets should not be uncomfortable to wear or stay with. This is to imply that the fabric of the workwear should be soft and kind to the skin. The clothing should also allow movement to enable the carrying out of the regular functions.

High Quality Outdoor Clothing

When sports clothing are selected, the main focus by buyers is quality. Clients want items they can wear during intense actions without getting worried that they get damaged. It is this focus on quality that determines the actual value for money that clients will get after buying the outfit. To be sure that the outfit being selected is the best outdoor clothing, here are important indicators that clients should use.

1)    The first thing that you should carefully check is whether the outfit is made of appropriate material. Many materials such as khaki and reinforced multilayered cotton fabrics are preferred because of their additional strength. Even in the event of very intensive actions, the material will not be damaged and the wearer will not be hurt. Take time to review the actual material used to make the outdoor gear store in Australia to be sure it is the best.

2)    The design of any clothing and strength of the garment is largely dependent on the joinery made in different sections. Take time to carefully check nature of seams and determine how different sections are brought together. Remember that you can still get the best seams that will not break easily.

3)    The designers of brands are important indicators of quality to anticipate. Great companies are known because of their focus on quality. Great companies that have been known to make top quality brands should be used as an indicator of quality items. Clients who have used the items will ascertain that their experience and even opinion to later clients. You can read these feedbacks based to understand key brands in respective sellers and manufacturers’ websites.

4)    Outfits that have independent reviews have assurance of top quality. Reviews are used as indicators that a manufacturer focused on quality and is ready to make improvements to deliver top quality. For instance, the reviews focus on material, Crossfit gear design, and clients’ feedbacks before giving specific ratings that clients can use to map sense of quality. Clients should simply look for items that are rated highest to be sure of getting the best from them.

5)    When outfits are sold with a money-back policy, one can rest assured that they are made of top quality materials and design. When trading adventure clothing in Australia, many clients only get to test the item when it is finally delivered to them. At this point, if clients are not satisfied with items delivered to them, money-back policies allow clients to refuse it and get a complete refund. As a result, the trader ensures that only the best hiking backpacks are transported to clients so that they accept them and get the value they anticipated.

6)    An important indicator of the product quality that is traditionally used to map quality is the price tag. When you check the price of an item and compare it on the same platform, a top quality one will never be priced low. However, price should not be used solely as the main indicator of quality. Ensure that a number of factors are used so that the right item is narrowed to.

The Quest To Be Presentable

A woman always has to look her best whenever she steps out of the house. It can often be a case of social life or death if she walks out looking like she just woke up and squirmed into whatever clothes she found dotted around the bedroom. For one reason or another, judging eyes tend to narrow and flash condescendingly whenever they see something they do not accept or appreciate. Those judging eyes can be extremely damaging to anyone with low self-esteem. Therefore, the woman retreats into the house to pick her clothes more discerningly and carefully. She must always look as perfect as time and money will allow. Even if she can only wear plus size women’s clothing, it is a task she must complete like the rest of her day will count on it. Otherwise she can be susceptible to people who will cut her down with harsh words, those judging eyes and body language that screams disdain.

Of course, this situation doesn’t only befall women who can only wear plus size dresses. Heaven forbid those people are the only ones who are discriminated against for the so-called good of the general society. No, the judgement and the dissension can befall everyone because we view people with our eyes and what looks good to us. We don’t care so much about how a person feels, how they behave or how they speak when we first meet them. We look at them in how they choose to appear to us. That means how they present themselves to the outside world in all their splendour — or not. Some people choose not to care and will go about life only doing what they please and never living to opinions that differ from theirs. That can be a healthy way to live for some. There is no pressure to conform to what society considers the norm, any disdain is like water off a duck’s back, there is some sort of free atmosphere and a sense of contentment. Most women who are forced to wear plus size women’s clothing feel like that can never be an option to them. There is some innate feeling of disgust or discomfort that turns some people away from people who are ‘larger’ than what seems ‘acceptable’. There isn’t much that can be done in that case.

However, it isn’t always time to throw in the towel for women who have to wear plus size women’s clothing. They are just as attractive as the people who are deemed ‘normal size’. They are just beautiful in a different but just as legitimate way. We shouldn’t judge them as easily as we do. There is nothing that says they aren’t as human as the rest of us. If clothing makes the person, then that just means plus size women’s clothing makes a person twice as good as the ‘norm’. That’s one way to look at things.

Challenges facing entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry

Entrepreneurs in the jewelry sector face many of the problems faced by any other entrepreneur. However, due to the nature of the business they invest in, there are unique challenges they face that make starting a jewelry business even harder. The following are some of the major challenges the face in their line of work.

One must know how to determine prices. This is one of the biggest challenges because there are many factors involved in the decision, especially if the jewelry is being made by the person operating the shop. Jewelry pricing rule of thumb dictates that the pricing include the cost of the materials, a profit margin of between 25 and 40 per cent and fees for the time spent when making the jewelry. Other factors to consider include the target market, and the area in which the shop is situated. However, the fact that one can get different prices at different locations should not be a reason to keep changing prices with every art gallery. This erodes the credibility regular customers might have built. Prices should always be kept at a constant. The bottom line, though, is that the difference between making sales and being left with boxes full of jewelry rests on how much one knows their customers. Looking for quality gold earrings for sale? just click the hyperlink provided for all inquiries.

In this digital age, majority of people spend some time online. This calls for jewelry business entrepreneurs to find ways in which they can attract their online clientele. It must not necessarily be a website where people can buy handmade necklaces online. Simply using a blog or popular social media outlets like Facebook and twitter can be of great help. These are majorly free tools, and businesspeople are encouraged to make good use of them. For the people who like to tell long stories about their business and beadwork, they might consider starting a blog.

But simply opening an account on Facebook or twitter is not enough. If there are no updates, then nobody gets to know what the business is up to. However, there should be a balance between regular updates and being in people’s faces. Posts should be at most between 2 and three times every day. Blog posts can be shared on twitter, with links to online shops that sell the products being marketed. More quality gold and silver products in now here in this great site, check this out!

Just like any other business, there is a lot of work to be done before the business is considered successful. There is no overnight success, regardless of whether it is traditional tribal rings or gold necklaces. Entrepreneurs are advised to not quit their day jobs and burn their bridges until they are absolutely sure. Building a business can take up to several years. There definitely will be missteps along the way. If the businessperson is not happy with the progress of their work, they are advised to stay patient and re-evaluate their strategies. There are many avenues to follow in terms of marketing, customer base targeting and dealing with competition.

It is a difficult journey, and the entrepreneur should not be afraid of asking for help, from mentors, friends and business associates.

Keeping Up With Growing Bodies

Parent’s all know how fast our children grow and it is a constant battle to keep them in clothes that fit well and that they are happy to wear.  Swim wear for kids is a challenge.  Most of our children do not swim all year round and it can come as a shock when the summer months arrive and last year’s swim suit either doesn’t fit or is suddenly unpopular with your kids due to the colour or fabric design. For families with very young children, a trip to the store can be a nightmare, trying on swimsuits with over tired youngsters who are quickly bored by the process.  Online shopping is a great solution if you can measure your little one at home and then relax in front of the PC choosing the design and style to suit your child’s tastes and the style you prefer.  There are a wide variety of bright colours and printed fabrics available and cartoon and movie characters are always a great swim wear choice for kids who have a favourite.

For boys, a pair of board shorts, usually made with an adjustable drawstring waist, will usually last you two seasons and perhaps you will be able to get away with buying a new pair of swimming briefs to go with them.  Likewise, most children’s sun hats have adjustable elastic inserts and can be stretched to last a little longer.  Caring for one piece swimsuit is an important part of whether or not items survive to be hand me downs or last two seasons.  Swim wear should be hand washed after each use and line dried to protect the fabric from the damaging effects of seawater or chlorine in pools.

Rash vests are available for boys and girls these days in long and short sleeve designs and often in unisex styling.  If you have two or more children, properly cared for vests can last a few seasons and make those initial purchase costs well worth the outlay.  Rash vests also known as “rashies” also come in leggings for cold weather and can be worn under wetsuits for further protection from skin abrasions in the surf and sun protection on the beach or pool side.  They are great comfortable beach wear items as they allow complete freedom of movement as well as UV protection and many girls like to wear them for beach and pool sports rather than traditional swimsuits where the shoulder straps may come down or interfere with arm movement during vigorous sports and rough play.

Despite the cost of replacing swim wear for fast growing youngsters, it is important that swim wear is properly fitted for comfort and freedom of movement in the water.  It is a good idea to chat to other parents who may be interested to swapping used outgrown items or buy seafolly swimwear which are of quality and as well made swim wear rarely actually wears out and can have a new life in your family.

Keeping your bling sparkly clean

We all love our jewellery, we love wearing it and showing it off, however once in a while, like everything else in life, it needs cleaning.
Different types of jewellery—gold, silver, gold plated, silver plated, diamond, gemstones, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, all need to be cleaned in different ways, with different types of materials. See more info about the different types of jewellery, find out here.

Gold jewellery can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing detergent. This method is simple as all you have to do is soak it in the mixture for a while, gently scrub it with a toothbrush, rinse in warm water and then dry it off. If you need to thoroughly clean your gold jewellery, ammonia might be a good idea, however it can affect the finish, so it is best saved for gold that isn’t cleaned very often. You can also clean gold jewellery with toothpaste, which is good if it is tarnished or has some grime. Cleaning gold jewellery in boiling water is only a good idea if it is plain gold with no gemstones or diamonds.

Silver jewellery can be cleaned with a mixture of salt water and aluminium foil in a bowl. The mixture of the salt water and aluminium foil draws any tarnish, grime or dirt off the silver. You can also deep clean silver jewellery with silver polish and rinse it off with water. Silver is a very strong and versatile metal and therefore can be a little easier to clean the gold. If you are cleaning sterling silver jewellery, such as pendants, it is best to regularly clean them by wiping with a damp cloth. Discover more details about sterling silver jewellery online Australia, click here.

Due to the fact that gold and silver plated jewellery are usually a mix of a small amount of pure gold/silver with other metals, the best way to clean them is with toothpaste and a bit of water. You can also clean costume jewellery and dress rings the same way as they would be made of similar materials.

If you want to avoid having to clean your jewellery by deep cleaning, soaking in detergent, soaking in salt water and aluminium foil or scrubbing, the best idea would be to wipe them clean with polish or cleaners regularly, maybe every day. Also be aware of how much moisturiser or skin creams you use as they can tarnish gold and silver jewellery and the tarnish can also affect your skin.

You can always choose to have your jewellery clean by professionals. This way you don’t have to worry if you over soak or clean with the wrong materials, or something going wrong in general. Some jewellers may provide you with a business card for cleaning services or may offer their own services, when you purchase jewellery from them.

7 Ways to Dress-up Your Shirts

Are you caught up a fashion predicament? Do you feel like you cannot leave just because there are only plain t-shirts in your closet? Then you should think about something different. Unlike the cheaply retailed, plain t-shirts you’ll usually find, printed t-shirts are more appealing when mixed and with different pieces of clothing. With just a bit of creativity and some fixing, you can look trendier than the conventional use of your jeans and sneakers. Here is a list of the chic suggestions that you can try for a change. For more suggestion about men’s t-shirts Australia, click here.

For a sporty flavor (for both men and women), wear your printed tee underneath a hooded sweatshirt. Do not zip it up to the chin. Leave it unzipped in the middle of your chest to allow a bit of you tee’s print to show. Match your top with a pantsuit or jeans and a pair of nice sneakers.

For a semi-casual look (for men), wear your printed t-shirt underneath a printed or checkered short-sleeved polo shirt. Leave all the buttons undone to completely show the print on your shirt. This style is also a great match to a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. See more description about 7 ways to dress-up your shirts, visit this site.

For a semi-casual get-up (women), dress-up take your casual denim short pants over your printed t-shirt. To give an added zest, you can put on a matching leather belt on your waist. A pair of high-heeled sandals or sneakers would both be great match with the leather belt. You can tie a scarf around your waist in place of a belt, in case you want to be a little more girly. If you are choosing the scarf as belt, a pair of cardigans would complement it better than either the sandals or sneakers.

For a smart, casual taste (for men), pair your printed t-shirt with a pair jeans or casual pants with a pair of penny loafers or camp mocs. You can leave tee but un-tucked but to ensure the smart dress-up, top your shirt with a single-button suit blazer. Also leave the buttons unfastened to keep it casual but hip.

For a smart, casual zest (for women), match your printed tee with a pair of cropped or cuffed pair of pants and high-heeled sandals. If your tee is a loose fit, just wear your cropped blazer over your tee and leave all the buttons unfastened.

For a smart, semi-formal style (for men), you can wear your printed t-shirt over a pair of casual chinos or pants. Just leave your tee un-tucked but wear it underneath a one-button suit blazer. Also do not forget to match your attire with either a pair of loafers or some other type of shoe

For a smart, semi-formal taste (for women), you can wear pleated skirts with a leather belt over your printed tee. Then match it with a pair of flats and schoolboy blazer to add a more modish twist.

These dressing suggestions are are all designed around the idea that you are using a printed tee as the focal piece of your fashion statement. Since dissimilar from the plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts mix well with the other clothing pieces mentioned. So don’t just sit there reading, go get to mixing and see what you can come up with!

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