Running Tips For Beginners

Running is not a difficult thing to do but doing it right way can be helpful to get your desired goals. Here are some objectives that we should follow when we are about to start running.


Whether it is the first time when you go for a run or you did it in the past and gave it up, the very first thing you should have in mind is your objective. You may want to lose weight or to maintain your body shape and get a healthy habit. It is important to remind yourself why you run and that you need maximize good effects and minimize injuries. Through continuous improvement you can only win.


Get your favorite T-shirt, your most-liked sport pants and your special Asics runners online in Australia.  Be careful with the materials you choose because you will make effort and you will sweat a lot. You need synthetic materials which can dry quickly.


You need a plan because you will get busy and probably you will forget about your exercising attempt. Choose a place for running and make room in your schedule, in the morning or in the evening.  Try to find a suitable place for jogging in the neighborhood and it will be easier for you to respect your plan.

Find your rhythm

Newbie rhythm is. As a result, they try too hard and they end up too tired, they become discouraged or they even get injured while running. Unfortunately, there is no rule to get right. Fortunately, it is easy to find the rhythm that suits you best: when you talk with someone while you run you’ll know you found the perfect running rhythm.

Don’t forget to warm up

Do not confuse some light stretching exercises with proper warming up. The warming up efficiency is given by the increasing heart rate, sweating and getting the muscles ready for workout. A slow jog usually gets you going.

Watch your running style

The running style is like a fingerprint – innate and difficult to change. However, in time, you can improve your performance. Run with your back straight and do not lean forward too much.  Try to not look at your feet and to maintain a constant effort by having Asics for women’s, not necessarily at the same rhythm.

Eat and drink properly

In general, runners should pay attention to several important things:  weight control, because extra weight slow you down; to eat one hour before training and two hours before a race; to drink water or sports drinks before a workout and even during it, because dehydration can be dangerous.