Differences between silver and sterling silver

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Far from the shiny jewellery maker, silver is in itself a chemical compound found on the periodic table and it is numbered 47. However, it still has the properties of the famed precious metals that are rare and quite expensive alongside platinum and gold. The use of silver can be traced to the beginning of the previous millennia, when it was overly used and recognized as a precious metal. Silver is still used in the modern days as in sterling silver jewellery. In most cases silver is found in the ores of copper-nickel, copper or in lead where is separated and purified. When the pure silver is purified it is usually at least 99.9% pure and considered a very high-grade metal. On the other hand the sterling silver has other metals added to it such as a 7.5% of copper in it.

Silver is well adapted for making jewellery but not reliable for use as a functional item because it is too soft. But in some cases people tend to have wares that are made out of silver in order to bring a little style and elegance into their everyday living. The sterling silver takes the best qualities of fine silver and in addition it has the composition of a durable and strong metal in the name of copper. The reason copper is the main metal added to the sterling silver is because it is a readily available and it is very strong and doesn’t change the colour often. 

The sterling silver is very good in making hand stamped jewellery that people buy as expression of love. When you get a piece of pure silver you have attained a very efficient metal that is considered as the perfect metal especially in term of aesthetic value that it possesses. Among the characteristic that the metal has is that it does not corrode easily, it does not tarnish also it is non-reactive. It is able to survive some of the harsh and extreme weather conditions that it may be put through. Therefore this makes silver a good metal for use as jewellery because of the properties it exhibits. The silver will retain its shine even after a long time in use as jewellery. More of elegant silvers here.

However, when the silver becomes impure it tends to tarnish very easily than when it is pure. Sterling silver is considered impure and usually has a bit of discoloration over time, but it is still the more durable of the two kind of silver. At times some of the functional items that have elements of silver on them may tend to corrode easily for instance the salt shakers which have sodium chloride within its reach may corrode the sterling silver over time. However, the alloy that contains copper in the sterling metal is the one that corrodes easily with that mixture. On the other hand if the sterling silver is made using other metals it may not corrode easily but there idea is still research to find another metal that can be better than copper.
The sterling silver products usually have a branding that is known as a hallmark that is usually utilized to indicate the purity of the metal and also any other metal that can be used in the alloy. In addition it also indicates the when the sterling silver was produced and who the silversmith was.