Different types of men chains

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There is something about men chains that makes them to be a symbol of status and wealth. Ever since the industrial revolution the chains have been a favorite adornment for the affluent in society. As a result, they have become quite popular among people. Men chains come in different shapes and sizes and are made from different types of precious metals. The most common types of men chains are the silver, diamond and gold chains. Silver chains do provide a stylish elegant look at a lower cost. The diamond chains are usually costly compared to the silver and gold chains for men. This is one major reason as to why a majority prefer the gold and silver chains more than they do diamond.

A person looking for gold or silver chains for sale would not have a problem distinguishing from the chains that are meant for ladies and those that are meant for men. Men chains are usually longer and broader than the chains that are made for women. The chains can be rugged or have a thick look. They come in a number of styles and it is up to the buyer to determine the chain that suits their tastes and preferences. However, there are several designs that are common in all the chains. One of the oldest and yet simple chain type is the Cable chain. This chain comprises of single links that are connected together. It is either worn alone or it can be worn with a matching lightweight pendants or medallion. Looking for a gold chain? Click here to see awesome chains for men.

Another type of men chains is the Rope chain. These are made from fastening of many links together to form a twisted rope like pattern. These twisted links make the chain to be tough and strong. One could therefore be surprised to find a slim rope chain that is able to withstand a sizable weight load of a pendant or pendulum. Most of the rope gold chains for men are designed with beveled edges, a process popularly referred to by manufactures as diamond cutting. This gives the chain more radiance. These chains are mainly worn around the neck as opposed to others that are worn on the wrists. This is because they are a bit rigid. The chains are most popular with the manufacturers of gold jewelry.

If a person goes into a shop that has gold, diamond or even silver chains for sale, he is most likely to come across the Herring bone chain. This type of chain has got distinguishing chevron shaped fragments. They are flat and can have either small links or large links. The chains are designed by pounding flat, a single strand of diamond, silver or gold. This makes them to be quite delicate. The Herring bone chain requires extra caution when handling in order to ensure that they do not bend break or become loose. The chains are therefore not an ideal solution for holding pendulums or pendants. The good thing with them however, is that they can be worn alone without the pendants and still look elegant.