Keeping Up With Growing Bodies

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Parent’s all know how fast our children grow and it is a constant battle to keep them in clothes that fit well and that they are happy to wear.  Swim wear for kids is a challenge.  Most of our children do not swim all year round and it can come as a shock when the summer months arrive and last year’s swim suit either doesn’t fit or is suddenly unpopular with your kids due to the colour or fabric design. For families with very young children, a trip to the store can be a nightmare, trying on swimsuits with over tired youngsters who are quickly bored by the process.  Online shopping is a great solution if you can measure your little one at home and then relax in front of the PC choosing the design and style to suit your child’s tastes and the style you prefer.  There are a wide variety of bright colours and printed fabrics available and cartoon and movie characters are always a great swim wear choice for kids who have a favourite.

For boys, a pair of board shorts, usually made with an adjustable drawstring waist, will usually last you two seasons and perhaps you will be able to get away with buying a new pair of swimming briefs to go with them.  Likewise, most children’s sun hats have adjustable elastic inserts and can be stretched to last a little longer.  Caring for one piece swimsuit is an important part of whether or not items survive to be hand me downs or last two seasons.  Swim wear should be hand washed after each use and line dried to protect the fabric from the damaging effects of seawater or chlorine in pools.

Rash vests are available for boys and girls these days in long and short sleeve designs and often in unisex styling.  If you have two or more children, properly cared for vests can last a few seasons and make those initial purchase costs well worth the outlay.  Rash vests also known as “rashies” also come in leggings for cold weather and can be worn under wetsuits for further protection from skin abrasions in the surf and sun protection on the beach or pool side.  They are great comfortable beach wear items as they allow complete freedom of movement as well as UV protection and many girls like to wear them for beach and pool sports rather than traditional swimsuits where the shoulder straps may come down or interfere with arm movement during vigorous sports and rough play.

Despite the cost of replacing swim wear for fast growing youngsters, it is important that swim wear is properly fitted for comfort and freedom of movement in the water.  It is a good idea to chat to other parents who may be interested to swapping used outgrown items or buy seafolly swimwear which are of quality and as well made swim wear rarely actually wears out and can have a new life in your family.