Pros And Cons Of Personal Health Records

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. It is not possible to think of any task done without the assistance of gadgets and tools. Technology has become equally active in the world of medicine. One of such technologies is called self-monitoring technologies. These technologies are far more effective than many complex record-keeping technologies. One of such technologies used by the patients is called the personally controlled electronic health record. It gives the patients access to deal with the health data on their own and then maintain it properly.

Over the past few years, the trend has shown a considerable increase. If you want to have the same system for your set up it is very important to take into account the following pros and cons of the system as well. Understanding these can help a great deal in getting the system for your set up.

The pros

• The patients can have firsthand information about their health and fitness. Thus, they become able to monitor their health and improve it accordingly.

• It becomes easier to coordinate between the patient and the doctor. They are able to share their details and the changes with the physician and take timely advice before the things get worse.

• To some extent, the patients feel independent in taking the decision about their health. They keep track of their changing health conditions and make the right decision on their own.

• The patients get access to the medical record and so can edit them if they find they are wrongly entered.

The cons

Besides the advantages, the system has certain weak points and cons as well.

These cons include

• Some health experts believe that it is not secure to let the patients know about their conditions. Sometimes it can make them depressed and disappointed.

• The results generated by the PHR are not always a standard to determine the things. This can lead to wrong information as well.

• There are no secure ways of sharing and managing information.

• Some patients are not technologically literate enough to handle the system. This system can’t help them.

• In case of the ineffective network and some faulty functioning, it becomes difficult to reach out for the PHR to either learn about the condition or updating the details.

• The breach of the information is possible as well.