Pros And Cons Of Sleeper Walls

Sleeper walls are the short walls which are used to provide support and backup to the structural constructions. For example when a structure consist of beams and slabs, these primary foundations need a support to keep the structure stable and that support is provided by means of sleeper walls. Sleeper walls are widely constructed in landscape gardens to provide an insulation and support to water fall structures and also keep the water flow in line in case of pond or water containers are present in the garden.

These walls are generally shorter in heights and can be made maximum up to 4 feet of length. These walls are made by timber wood and concrete and rock stones are also used to enhance the beauty of the garden. An expertise is required to construct sleeper walls as any flaw or mistake in the architectural plan can cause the failure of the wall and that failure, in worst case scenarios can lead up to structural failure as support to entire structure sometimes depends upon the sleeper walls. Failure in construction of proper sleeper walls can cause the water to drain and that drainage can eventually case major damages to the entire structures as this water can flow through the foundations of the construction and weaken it. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the concrete sleeper walls Brisbane.

Pros and Cons:


  • Sleeper walls made up of concrete are strong and rigid. Their strength is one of the most common reason of the usage of concrete in building sleeper walls.
  • The sleeper walls which are made up of concrete are durable as they are resistant to most weather conditions.
  • The construction of sleeper walls by means of concrete provide a variety of constructive opportunities as concrete on the initial stage can be molded as per required thus can be transformed into different shapes.
  • The concrete sleeper walls enhance the beauty of your landscape gardens.
  • Sleeper walls made of concrete demands less maintenance as they are already weather resistant
  • Installation of concrete blocks is comparatively easier than timber wood sleeper walls.
  • Concrete, in comparison to timber wood is cheaper in price as it is man-made and the wood is a natural resource.


  • Construction of concrete sleeper wall is a time consuming process.
  • Construction of a sleeper wall should be done by or in presence of a professional constructor’s expertise. As a minor mistake can eventually lead to structural failures

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